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Since 1992, the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) has funded over 18,000 projects in 124 countries. As the national Operational Focal Point, Saint   Lucia's Department of Sustainable Development coordinates all GEF-related activities. Saint Lucia has received approximately XCD$ 22.30 million in project investments from the GEF, with over 1700 jobs created and 12,000 persons trained in the following areas: project development and management, diving, coral reef gardening, apiculture, organic farming, permaculture, agro-processing, and tour guiding.

The Country Support Program (CSP) provides recipient countries with assistance and capacity building to fully participate in the GEF Partnership and to make better use of its resources. The document outlines programme and project development and lays the basis for project implementation, monitoring and evaluation, over a 3 to 4-year operational period. 


GEF Saint Lucia Country Programme Strategy (OP6)



GEF Saint Lucia Country Programme Strategy (OP5)







































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