Saint Lucia works on Private Sector Engagement and Climate Finance Strategy

Under the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process, the Government of Saint Lucia is continuing its efforts to increase engagement with the private sector on climate change. Across the world, the important role that the private sector plays in the fight against climate change has been increasingly highlighted. Scarcity of domestic funds from the Government purse has further brought into the spotlight the need for additional investments and the meaningful role that the private sector can play to bridge the funding gap.

As part of this thrust, the Department of Sustainable Development hosted a follow-up consultation to one previously held in November 2018. This consultation, which took place on 11th February, will assist in finalizing the development of a Climate Change Private Sector Engagement Strategy and a Public-Private Sector Partnership Proposal, which will be submitted for funding. The consultation brought together stakeholders from the private sector, Government and civil society.

In addition, input was sought towards the development of a Climate Financing Strategy for Saint Lucia. The Climate Financing Strategy also forms part of the Department’s continued NAP process.  The Climate Financing Strategy will outline the public and private sources of climate financing available, both domestically and internationally, highlighting which sources of financing would be most relevant and feasible for the various measures and concept notes included in the NAP and Sectoral Adaptation Strategies and Action Plans (SASAPs), and how the Saint Lucia Government can access the funds.

In both cases, Saint Lucia is benefiting from support from the United States In-Country NAP Support Program, under the auspices of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). 

Minister with responsibility for climate change, Honourable Dr. Gale T.C. Rigobert, is in full support of the various elements of the NAP process and the effort made to involve all players in finding innovative and practical solutions to the real challenge of climate change.

For more information on climate action in Saint Lucia, visit Saint Lucia’s Climate Change Website at: or call the Department of Sustainable Development at 451 8746.        

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