Saint Lucia continues preparations to advance the implementation of its Nationally Determined Contribution

Further to Saint Lucia hosting a one-day consultation in January 2018, where stakeholders were brought together to discuss strategic steps aimed at enhancing and implementing the country’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), efforts have continued towards ensuring that the inclusive partnership approach committed to, is maintained.

Saint Lucia continues to work closely with the NDC Partnership Support Unit (NDCP SU), who contributes technical and financial support. Through the NDCP SU, Saint Lucia has obtained the service of a National Country Coordinator who has been tasked in providing support to the Country’s NDC Focal Point (Department of Sustainable Development). Additionally, the support of the GIZ, through the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has been secured as Country Facilitator. It is expected that GIZ will assist in securing support particularly at the regional and international levels, through the development and execution of a Partnership Plan.

In March 2018, Saint Lucia completed a Rapid Integrated Assessment (RIA) in order to identify the gaps in resources or capacities, which the country may seek to fill through international cooperation. The primary aim of this assessment was to (a) develop a common understanding of the country’s plans, progress, challenges, and gaps in relation to NDC implementation; and (b) inform the NDC Partnership on possible areas of coordinated support that can be planned and executed with various financing mechanisms.

In addition to the RIA being completed, a multi-agency Support Team has been established. This comprises key agencies expected to play significant roles in the development and validation of project proposals aimed at achieving the 16% (by 2025) and 23% (by 2030) Greenhouse Gas emission reduction targets set forth in the 2015 NDC. This team includes the agencies responsible for Transport, Economic Development, Finance, Forestry, Public Utilities, Renewable Energy, Water Resources and Tourism; along with the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards and representatives of the Academia.

Given the mitigation base of the NDC, it is envisaged that project proposals will focus on energy efficiency, electricity generation and efficient transportation. However, the intention is to enhance the country’s NDC by including interventions that will extend, for example, to the Forestry and Water sectors to incorporate adaptation co-benefits.

Efforts are also geared at facilitating Saint Lucia’s participation in the upcoming Regional NDC Financial Investment Forum, scheduled for mid-October 2018. This Forum will be hosted by the Government of Saint Lucia and the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States Commission in partnership with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat, the GIZ and the NDC Partnership.

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