Saint Lucia’s Sectoral Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan for the Agriculture Sector (Agriculture SASAP) 2018-2028

The Sectoral Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan for the Agriculture Sector (Agriculture SASAP) 2018-2028,  has been designed on ten-year framework for action to overcome barriers and facilitate the adoption and scaling up of climate-resilient agriculture in Saint Lucia. The Agriculture SASAP, funded with the support of the United States In-Country NAP Support Program, through the NAP Global Network, builds on previous efforts and projects, and is the product of an in-depth contextual analysis and search for potential effective solutions to the country’s agriculture-related challenges with climate change, supported by a multi-stakeholder consultative process which started in 2017.

The Agriculture SASAP consists of 45 adaptation measures deemed critical for building climate resilient agriculture systems in the country. The measures, endorsed by relevant stakeholders, offer solutions to information, technical, institutional, financial, regulatory and policy limitations hampering adaptation in the sector. In the SASAP, the adaptation measures are grouped under 14 strategic objectives and contribute to 4 major expected outcomes, all aligned with the Climate Change Adaptation Policy’s (CCAP’s) implementation elements (facilitation, implementation and financing).

Publisher: Government of Saint Lucia

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