Saint Lucia’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) 2018-2028

Saint Lucia’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) has been defined as a 10-year plan (2018 to 2028), consisting of both cross-sectoral and sectoral measures, to enable and stimulate climate change adaptation in all development sectors and areas and at all levels of society. The NAP will be complemented, as funding becomes available, with sectoral adaptation strategies and action plans (SASAPs) for key priority sectors/areas, which will refine and expand the sectoral measures included in the NAP. The NAP and SASAPs are living documents, resulting from the detailed analyses of adaptation needs, based on transparent and highly participatory consultation processes and aligned with Saint Lucia’s Climate Change Adaptation Policy. The NAP and SASAPs will be reviewed during the ten-year time frame, and their implementation will be monitored and evaluated.

Publisher: Government of Saint Lucia

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