No Sector Left Behind!

The Department of Sustainable Development administrative staff had the pleasure of providing lapel pins and folders of information to the Cabinet of Ministers  in commemoration of the launch of Saint Lucia’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP).

On the day of the NAP launch, April 17, 2018, six (6) Ministers and thirteen (13) Permanent Secretaries and Deputy Permanent Secretaries were among an esteemed grouping of senior Government officials totalling seventy-five (75), who demonstrated solidarity for climate action, through their participation in the launch.

On April 23, an additional seven (7) Ministers received NAP packages and pins, signifying their commitment that no sector will be left behind in the fight against climate change.

Saint Lucia’s NAP process is currently supported through the U.S. In-Country National Adaptation Plan Support Programme, implemented by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD); and the United Nations Development Programme-Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (UNDP J-CCCP).

The NAP pins feature the Saint Lucia National Adaptation Plan logo by Alexandra Grant

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