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Castries, Saint Lucia
The Government of Saint Lucia, through the Department of Sustainable Development (DSD), continues its national adaptation planning (NAP) process. In this regard, the government has recognised the critical role played by the private sector and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the development and implementation of sustainable development and climate change adaptation initiatives in Saint Lucia, as part of this planning process. Indeed, the significance of private sector engagement is well-acknowledged at the regional and global levels.
In light of the foregoing, the Government of Saint Lucia, with support from the United States In-Country NAP Support Program (under the auspices of the International Institute for Sustainable Development, IISD) will spearhead the development of a Climate Change Private Sector Engagement Strategy. On 19th and 20th November, the DSD hosted a national consultation towards this end, at the Palmville Conference Room, Coco Palm Resorts, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



This initiative is seen as a priority specifically recommended by officials at the NAP Assembly that was held earlier this year, attended by a number of Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, other heads and a large cross section of stakeholders.


The strategy will identify the key private sector stakeholders that must be involved to help build climate resilience and address the adverse effects of climate change; how they can be best engaged; recommendations on incentives and disincentives; and guidance on strategic alliances, including through public-private partnerships (PPP). Notably, this initiative will involve the preparation of a specific PPP proposal for the on-the-ground implementation of a set of climate resilient measures, agreed with stakeholders, to be submitted to an identified funding source.

The minister with responsibility for climate change said: “Responding effectively to climate change requires engagement at all levels and of all sectors and groupings. It is no mistake that this consultation being held under the auspices of my department, is included on the Department of Commerce Calendar of Events for Business Month, under the theme: Sustainable Enterprise – People, Planet and Profit, which coincides with the social, environment and economic pillars for sustainable development.”

For more information on climate action in Saint Lucia, visit Saint Lucia’s Climate Change Website at: or call the Department of Sustainable Development at 451 8746.

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