Commonwealth Climate Finance Access Hub meets with Government agencies



As part of a Commonwealth Secretariat Mission to Saint Lucia, the Department of Sustainable Development is coordinating multi-sectoral meetings of Government agencies towards the provision of technical assistance to Saint Lucia in the preparation of project proposals. This is in an effort to build capacity and resilience in addressing the adverse impacts of climate change.

This comes at a time when Saint Lucia has just completed its National Adaptation Plan (NAP) and several Sectoral Adaptation Strategies and Action Plans (SASAPs) that contain measures and project concept notes towards building climate resilience across multiple sectors.

Generally, the Commonwealth Climate Finance Access Hub aims to unlock climate finance for the climatically most vulnerable states, by adding critical strategic capacity at national and regional levels. It is hoped that such support, in the person of a National Adviser, will be available to Saint Lucia over the next several months, for a period of up to two years.



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